A Mahoning Township police officer is credited with possibly saving the life of an unconscious teenager.

Patrolman Richton Penn, the newest addition to the police department, administered CPR to a 17-year-old male who reportedly was "unresponsive and was turning blue."

According to Chief of Police Kenneth J. Barnes, Penn was dispatched along with an ambulance to the Concern Youth Group Home on Sunday, Sept. 26, at about 7:30 p.m.

Barnes said that Penn was first to arrive. At the scene, he found the teen was not breathing and was unresponsive.

"Officer Penn, utilizing his training, administered CPR," said Barnes. "With that action, the breathing of the 17-year-old male was restored. EMS arrived, took over, and transported the youth to a local hospital."

Barnes added, "It is actions such as these from officers under my command that makes me extremely proud to serve as their chief and clearly Officer Penn is to be recognized and commended for his life saving action."