Scouting for Food is a two-week process in which Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts join together in a combined effort to fill the Lehighton Food Pantry. Boy Scout Troops 82 and 187; and Cub Scout Packs 82, 187 and 145, recently dropped off bags and information at homes in the Lehighton area as part of a nationwide Scouting for Food program. Last week the Troops and Packs were back to homes to pick up the filled bags and deliver the food items to Trinity Church, Third Street, where the food pantry is located.

The Scouts have a system to collect the food. As the local Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts drive up to the dock area, the Scouts from Boy Scout Troop 82 meet them to form a human chain, handing the bags to the weighing and sorting area, to the volunteers from the food pantry.

Judy Wingert, Scouting for Food coordinator from Troop 82 organized and kept careful record of the event. The Scouts collected 5199 pounds of food. This total was 1,087 pounds more than last year. A $5 donation was also collected and given to the food pantry.

Trinity's pantry serves 450 households every month in the Lehighton area. The food pantry is in good shape for now with the Scouting for Food effort, but can always use monetary donations.