The Panther Valley Elementary School has announced the recipients of the Student of the Month Awards for September and October 2010. Certificates of Achievements were presented in each classroom, grades 1-5. As well as the certificates, each student also received a Super Kid Magnet, a Kids Are Special bumper sticker and a meal coupon from McDonald's. Students realize that it is a very special achievement and strive to achieve this recognition.

September 's Students of the Month are: Grade One: Cheyenne Lee, Chloe Diekman, Jason Bybell, Abigail Orach, Jaydyn Raposo, Andon Macaluso and Bryson Heydt.

Grade Two: Antonio Perilli, Brittany McLaughlin, Natalie White, Jason Lin, Jacqueline Kokinda, Evelyn Reis and William Mahoney.

Grade Three: Jada Naftzinger, Jessica Markovich, Riley Distler, Charles Byers, Kaylee Bukowski, Faith Drumbore and Falon Smith.

Grade Four: Natalie Arner, Faith Card, Sarah Zabroski, Sacory Stewart, George Heffelfinger and Jordan Serina.

Grade Five: Kirstyn Kunkel, Annamarie Marrero, Matthew Jungbaer, Loudon Breiner, Emmanuel Cabrera and Christina Dacey.

Miss Forbes'and Mrs. Peter's class: Brook Nelson and Jaden Fontana.

October's Students of the Month:

Grade One: Robert Valusek, Abigail Vermillion, Nicholas Surotchak, Jason Weng, Megan Miller, Brielle Gosselin and Madison Malloy.

Grade Two: Kaylee Gilbert, Giovanna Cellini, Carly Heffelfinger, Hailey Shreffler, Riley Wehr, Matthew Milkowich and Lorelei Rydzweski.

Grade Three: Ethan Reis, Keith Hydro, Aariana Huttie, Hailey Harvilla, Carl Hossler, Kyla Knittle and Jacob Taras.

Grade Four: Emma Smith, Todd Daldos, Joshua Horvath, Carter Brettle, Austin Miller and Marlene Nase.

Grade Five: Daniel Shuck, Stephanie Knauss, Megan Weber, Andrea Ahrens, Jonathan Hafer and Michael Cullen.

Miss Forbes' and Mrs. Peter's class: Emily Hausman-Silfies and Dakota Kibler.