Chat and chew.

That's essentially what it boiled down to at the first ever Veteran Honorary Brunch Gala Wednesday at the Village at Palmerton.

Veterans who attended were treated to a brunch assortment of scrambled eggs, sausage, breakfast potatoes, keish, toast, bagels, doughnuts and mini muffins.

They also heard entertainment from Hal Brister, who sang songs from the 1920s on up.

Harold Nicholas, a veteran who served in the Army in the European Theatre of Operations from 1944-46, vividly recounted his experience.

"I was 26 years old when I was drafted, spent two years in Germany, and I think they made a man out of me," said Nicholas, 90, of Palmerton. "I'm thankful for what I have at home."

Donald Frable, a veteran of the Vietnam War, who served in the Army and Peace from 1953-1967, said he was delighted with the brunch.

"It's a very good meal," said Frable, 73, of Palmerton. "I think it's [the brunch] better [than the spaghetti dinner]."

Harry Brown, a veteran who served in the Army as a Radio Teletype Operator from 1965-1977, agreed with his fellow veteran.

"This is a nice thing they do for you," said Brown, 66, of Palmerton. "The meals are always excellent, and I think the time's better."

Veteran Maurice Otto, 61, of Lehighton, who served in the Army as a Teletype Operation from 1969-71 in Vietnam and Korea, said the brunch is a "nice thing they [the Village] do for veterans."

Tony Love, a veteran who served as a Corporal in Korea from 1952-54, said he believes it's important for veterans to be recognized.

"I think it's a wonderful thing they do for the veterans," said Love, 79, of Lansford. "For years, nobody ever did nothing for veterans; it's only lately that they started doing this."

Marie Kester, whose husband, Marvin Kester, 88, of Bowmanstown, is a veteran who served as a First Class Private in the Army from 1943-46, said she believes the brunch is a nice gesture on behalf of the Village.

"They deserve it, and they don't get out for much to enjoy it," said Marie Kester. "The staff and food is good."

Jennifer Ebert, director of marketing and admissions, said the Village previously honored veterans with a spaghetti dinner.

"We're busy, and had a very good turnout and then some," Ebert said. "It's in honor of our veterans, and is a place to gather to show our appreciation."