Panther Valley High School has a zero degree tolerance for bullying at its school.

Thanks to the new school disciplinarian Ray Bressi, many programs have been incorporated in the school day to divert from this unwanted act.

Students at the school had a chance to sign the banner made by Brittany Erbe and Lauren Cormier to stamp out bullying.

Each morning a student reads a fact about bullying to be heard by other students in the building. A poster contest is being held with the deadline of Nov. 22. The winner will receive five dress down days as a prize.

On Dec. 1, Bressi has invited pro football player Lamar Fisher to the school to speak on the subject. He will hold a presentation in the school's auditorium.

Bressi said, "We take bullying very serious here. There is a follow-up on every reported problem and we contact the family. We get a support system in place and conference the "bullyiers" and they face the consequences.

Many kids come forward and report things to me." Students said many bullying problems begin on Facebook and the internet and then it is carried on into the school.