Mobile Edge recently was named the 2010 Mobile Electronics Retailer of the Year. The award was presented by Mobile Electronics Magazine at an industry event held in Dallas TX.

"We were up against shops from Salt Lake City, Independence, Daytona Beach, and a 358,000 square foot store with 1000 employees in suburban Chicago," said Mitch Schaffer, owner of Mobile Edge. "Obviously, this award was not based on sales volume."

Schaffer counts himself lucky to have excellent employees. "Bob Mickonis is the backbone of the business," said Schaffer. "He is my right hand man. He really cares about his work and it shows. He is a true expert in his field."

Kyle Silliman is a professional installer." Kyle has been with us for over five years and has learned this business from the ground up," said Schaffer. "He works hard and is dedicated to producing the quality of work that Mobile Edge is known for."

Schaffer said that he also can't forget about Betty Jean Hall, who makes sure that the bills are paid, customers are called and the inventory is straight.

The Retailer of the Year award is based on sound business practices, outstanding customer service, community service and quality installations. It is awarded to just one store nationwide each year.

Schaffer said that this is the highest award to be achieved within his industry.

"It's the Oscar of the mobile electronics industry."

After being nominated along with 99 other shops nationwide in the spring, Mobile Edge was notified that they made the top 10 earlier this summer.

Schaffer said they were then required to put together a detailed presentation that describes the store's operations.

"We explained everything from our customer service policies to the way we promote our store." he said. "The judges used this information and did their own research to reach a decision. I was very happy and surprised to find that their decision was Mobile Edge of Lehighton, PA - population 5537. This says a lot for the viability of small town, local business."

This was not the first time that Mobile Edge was nominated for this award. In 2009, they made it all the way to the top five stores but came up a little short.

The awards ceremony was held in conjunction with the Mobile Electronics Retailers Association conference called Knowledgefest.

Schaffer was one of the presenters at the conference. He presented information about running a small business and leveraging the power of the Internet to effectively and inexpensively promote a retail store.

In reflection of his store's award, Schaffer commented that "this award proves that small businesses can be competitive and relevant and not only survive, but excel in the shadow of Wal-Mart, Best Buy and the Internet."