The Bronze Star Medal awarded to Mario Iezzoni for his heroic actions in the Korean War was presented on Sept. 28, 1953, for "heroism in ground combat."

The citation, authorized by the President of the United States, reads:

"Private First Class Mario Iezzoni, Infantry, U.S. Army, a member of Company G, 19th Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division, distinguished himself by heroic action near Chip'o-ri, Korea, on 11 April 1951. His company was attacked by numerically superior enemy hordes and was forced to withdraw. Private Iezzoni volunteered to remain behind with several others to help evacuate the wounded. The small group worked furiously, in the face of rapidly advancing enemy mass, to assemble the wounded, place them on litters and carry them out under a murderous hail of enemy fire. Having gone only a short distance, Private Iezzoni discovered another mounded man. Although he knew he would have to carry him by himself and that he would be dangerously slowed down, he unhesitatingly picked up the soldier and proceeded to carry him down the hill. He was so delayed that the rest of the group was soon out of sight. Several times the enemy approached close enough to place him under heavy automatic weapons and sniper fire but, with complete disregard for his personal safety, he relentlessly continued on. The task became so laborious that he was forced to rest frequently although the enemy was nearly upon him. For three hours, he plodded on with his human burden over extremely rough and treacherous terrain, always keeping just ahead of his pursuers. His strength nearly lost, only his determined will kept him going. He finally reached friendly lines and, turning over the wounded man to medical aidmen, collapsed from exhaustion. Private Iezzoni's heroic action, selfless devotion to a wounded comrade and unswerving determination reflect the greatest credit to himself and the U.S. Infantry."