Tamaqua Area students Bethany Moore and Morgan Kunkel look over a demolished car that is was placed at the entrance to the Tamaqua Senior High School to remind students that this could happen to them. A sign on the car reads "This could be you. Don't drink and drive." Red paint was also on the windshield to represent blood. The car was staged there as part of the Prom Promise week organized by the Tamaqua Area Student Government Association (T.A.S.G.A) held this week. A number of events were held as part of the Prom Promise week. Red ribbons were also placed on vehicles to remind students about the real dangers concerning drunk driving, as well as being able to make the right decisions on prom night. On average it is estimated that over 3,000 teenagers die every year as a result of injuries obtained during vehicular accidents attributed to driving under the influence.