Greed may have been a factor in the Palmerton police making short work in solving a theft at the New Jersey West Zinc plant early Sunday morning.

A passing motorist spotted a car inside the guide rails near a fence while traveling along State Route 248. It was believed the vehicle was in an accident.

Palmerton police responded to the scene and discovered a car so heavily loaded with stolen copper, it bottomed out in the getaway.

The thief or thieves cut the chain link fence and peeled it back like a curtain to gain access with their auto.

Palmerton police reported the area has a high concentration of theft of copper due to the demolition of several large structures on the property.

Apparently, as the thieves were leaving the scene, the vehicle became stuck in the fence and the loose soil.

Police said last year they discovered a pickup truck at the site, which was loaded with more than 1,400 pounds of copper. That portion of fencing was cut just a matter of feet from Sunday morning's scene.

The car in Sunday morning's incident was registered to a resident of East Stroudsburg, while last year's pickup truck came back to a Stroudsburg address.

Palmerton police are investigating the incident.