In the wake of the announcement that the Mahoning Farmers' Market is closing, rumors of the demise of the Hometown Farmer's Market couldn't be more untrue.

"We are not closing," said Andrea Dunn who, with her husband Robert, has owned the market at 125 Mahanoy Avenue (Route 54), Hometown, for the past 27 years.

The market is still going strong and, in fact, will celebrate its 60th Anniversary this year in August.

This isn't the first time rumors of the market's closing have made the rounds, and each time, Andrea Dunn works hard to dispel them and to reassure customers and vendors.

"It happened a few years ago, and the rumors spread like wildfire," she mentioned, noting that one person who spoke to a relative of hers even had a sales price attached to the property.

In Wednesday's edition of THE TIMES NEWS, a front-page story featured the closing of the Mahoning Farmer' Market on Route 443. Charles Abrachinsky, who has owned the Mahoning market for nearly 40 years, said that he has the building up for sale but wouldn't be opening it himself anymore.

Meanwhile, on that same day, it was business as usual for the Hometown Market.

"On Wednesday, it was jammed up here," said Dunn.

Still, Dunn had to field questions about the status of her market.

"We received calls asking if the market was closing, including from two of our vendors," she related. "We want everyone to know we are not closing."

Dunn wants her vendors and customers to know that the Hometown Farmer's Market will continue to operate as it has been doing for many years. The market is open Wednesdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and features both indoor and outdoor markets. During its peak season, there are between 300-400 vendors on its grounds, according to the market's website.

Dunn said plans are in the works for the anniversary celebration this summer, and there are no plans to shut down into the foreseeable future.