For many, the process of choosing a college is long and difficult.

That, however, was not the case for Lehighton's Abby Frey.

Ever since the Indian senior attended a field hockey camp at the University of North Carolina, she knew exactly where she wanted to go after grdauating from high school.

"There were a few places that were really interested in me and offered me scholarships, but UNC has been my top choice since I was a freshman," said Frey, who has received a full scholarship to become a Tar Heel. "I've always loved it down there. I went to camp there for two years and fell in love with it even more.

"Their coaching staff is excellent and their team was very similar to our high school team. It was pretty easy to choose that school. As soon as I got the approval of my scholarship and everything, it was easy."

Probably the biggest similarity between Frey's team this past season and the one she will soon be playing for is success.

During her four years as a member of Lehighton's squad, the team posted an 88-8-1 record, won three Mountain Valley Conference championships, claimed three District 11 titles, and won the school's first-ever state crown.

North Carolina, meanwhile, has won the NCAA championship two of the last three years and went a perfect 24-0 in 2007.

"The experience of being a state champion in high school is amazing and then to be going to a school that won the (NCAA) championship is even greater," said Frey, the daughter of Rob Frey and Kathy Boni. "There is some pressure going there because of their expectations but I think it's going to make me work extremely hard. It's going to push me to be a better athlete and that's what I'm hoping for - to be a better player."

Ironically, at one point in her life Frey wasn't that interested in becoming a better field hockey player. In fact, she didn't want to be a field hockey player at all.

Now, the sport will be paying her way through college.

"When I was in middle school, I used to hate field hockey," she said. "I wanted nothing to do with it because my sister played it and my cousin played it. But once I started playing it, I fell in love with it. It became my top sport throughout high school."

While Frey's relatives also played the sport, one who didn't probably made more of an impression on her than anyone else.

Frey's brother, Robbie, set numerous records for the Lehighton football team and earned a scholarship at the University of Connecticut. As it turned out, he was also a pretty good role model for his younger sister.

"My brother worked extremely hard for his full ride," said Abby, who is going to college for physical therapy. "It was everything he did. He was great academically, he was great at football. It just made me want to be a better player and a better student."

Better would accurately describe how Abby played when the games became more important. As the Indians advanced into the postseason this past fall, she stepped up her game.

In the seven district and state games the Indians were involved in, Frey scored six goals and had four assists.

"Abby is an amazing athlete and she's finally turned into an amazing field hockey player," said Lehighton head coach Shawn Hindy. "She was good at learning and listening and trying new things. The way she played in districts and states was especially awesome.

"(North Carolina) has a big squad but in my mind I see her as someone who definitely will get in there and wreck havoc for 20-30 minutes. She's going to get in there, run around and harrass, score goals and make great assists. I know she's going down to UNC in June and our team is going down later to a camp. I'll be excited to see her down there and see how she's fitting in with the girls."