The Tamaqua Area Student Government Association (T.A.S.G.A.) will be sponsoring "Prom Promise" events Monday, May 10 to Thursday May 13, prior to the Tamaqua prom scheduled on Friday, May 14.

The week will be filled with events and activities that help remind students of the real dangers of drinking and driving and driver's safety, especially on prom night.

Monday is "Red Ribbon Day," in which members of T.A.S.G.A will be distributing red ribbons to vehicles in the senior and faculty parking lots.

Tuesday is "Key Day."

Also on Tuesday, Jim McCabe will be holding a Drunk Driving course at the stadium.

Students will have the opportunity to drive a golf cart while wearing driving impaired goggles.

Every junior and senior student will be afforded the opportunity to experience this during their physical education class that day.

Wednesday is "Remembrance Day." Thursday is "Grim Reaper Day," in which students can sign up for an allotted time slot to "die."

These students will represent students killed by drunk drivers and will pledge not to talk or participate during class the entire day, thus symbolizing death.

Students are encouraged to stress that this is a serious activity that makes a very important point.