Vandalism at the Slatedale restrooms near the fire company and ball fields was reported at the April meeting of the Washington Township supervisors. Officials said they would try to come up with a possible solution by the May 4 meeting.

Dawn to dusk lighting and the inside lights would cost $31 per month according to PPL. The township is willing to pay for the installation of lights and the electric for nine months of the year when sports is not using the fields. It will pay the Slatedale Athletic Association in a lump sum for the nine months.

The association is expected to pay for the three months when sports are active. It will also lock the restrooms at night for the same three months. The township will take care of unlocking them in the morning.

Paper products will be supplied by the township.

Garbage and routine maintenance will be done by the association during the portion of the year it uses the fields.

The township will talk to the Slate Heritage Trail people, who also use the restrooms, and work out weekend schedules. Washington Township will be responsible for plumbing problems.

In other business a "thank you" was received from the Slatington Library for the township's donation of $2,500.

The bid for a superpave road project went to Eastern Industries for $141,628, dependent on a review by the engineer.

A double bituminous bid was awarded to HRI for $62,229, also for road materials, and subject to review.

Six ordinances are to be advertised. The first four are only to be "tweaked" to make them more enforceable, said Supervisor Josh Friebolin.

They are: the existing junk yard ordinance, the existing outdoor fuel furnace ordinance, the road opening ordinance and driveway ordinance.

A property maintenance ordinance and clarifications to the subdivision and land development ordinance require greater changes.

The advertising is pending a review by Engineer Roy Stewart and Solicitor John Ashley.

The Four-County Fireman's Association requested a donation toward the cost of its parade on June 26. A donation is usually made through the purchase of advertising in the program booklet.

Since the township donates to the three local companies it rejected the request.