The "St. Joseph Table" in St. Joseph Church in Jim Thorpe is not only filled to capacity with donated food items, but this is just a part of what had been collected as some of the food donations had already been taken away. The donations will go to the local food pantry to help feed those in need. As to the story of how this tradition began, one popular version is that it is rooted in an Italian tradition of honoring St. Joseph the carpenter, who was the husband of Mary and the Earthly father of Jesus. The story goes that St. Joseph, whose feast day is celebrated on March 19 of every year, was asked to help end a terrible drought in the Middle Ages and the people promised that if the drought ended, which it did, they would prepare a feast in his honor to which everyone, especially the poor and needy, would be invited. In keeping with that tradition, that is what this food will do, feed the needy.