The Marian community joined together to raise funds for the victims of Haiti by holding a dress down day at the school. A total of $500.00 was collected and was presented to Sister Lisa Valentini, who will be traveling to Haiti on March 22.

While there, Sister Lisa will be joining other priests, brothers and sisters from the Dominican Republic and other Latin American countries. Once in Haiti, they will stay approximately twenty minutes outside of Port-Au-Prince and will be bussed daily to different locations to assist with rebuilding, health care and other areas.

This generous donation will be given directly to Rev. Thomas Hagen, OSFS, who over the past twenty years has built eight schools – the only free schools in Catie Soleil – a slum in Port-Au-Prince, which was tremendously affected by the earthquake. All the schools have structure damage. Also, as part of the program, Father Hagen provides food (one meal) for 6,300 students daily.

Sister Lisa Valentini will remain in Haiti through the Easter holiday and has asked for prayerful support for everyone while there The website is