Robb Taylor, a multitalented musician, actor and children's book author will speak and sign copies of his children's books, "The Tale of the Easter Bunny" and "Mr. Mischief."

Taylor will appear for the book-signing at the Dimmick Memorial Library Annex 58 Broadway in Jim Thorpe on Saturday, March 29 at 1 p.m.

"The Tale of the Easter Bunny" tells the story of how Fuzzy Bunny became the Easter Bunny, and in it lies a lesson for children to be kind to animals. "Mr. Mischief" is a Halloween story that teaches children about prejudice based on color, age, and ethnicity, and why it is wrong. Both books, published by Charmont Publishing Company, are suitable for children ages four to ten years.

The event is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served. There will be a free raffle for a copy of "The Tale of the Easter Bunny."

Taylor, a resident of Blakeslee, was raised in 10 foster homes where at times, he was locked in a dark basement, or a hot attic. He became withdrawn.

But his life was turned around when he was accepted into the Church Farm School, a college preparatory private school for boys from broken homes. He studied music, art, and writing, and became active in competitive sports-where he won seven letters, and in theater-where he received numerous performance awards.

After graduation, Taylor went to West Chester University on a scholarship. As a theater major, he focused on character study and development. By integrating acting technique with classes in psychology and philosophy, he became interested in personal development and self-awareness. This led to his developing a curriculum for self-improvement-based positive character development.

In a conversation with Taylor, he explained that he writes children's books because, "Kids are impressionable. They are open and honest. Adults are harder to reach."

"If you can teach children to be kind to animals, they can learn to replace hate with love. When the kids read about animals having feelings, it helps them work on their own issues of self-esteem."

Taylor's two children's books are slated to be animated for children's television. The first scheduled for release in 2011 will be the Easter Bunny.

This book reading and signing is unusual for Taylor, who thinks of himself as a hermit. "I don't normally get out," he said. "but I enjoy reading to kids."

In his musical career, Taylor is the frontman for the Robb Taylor Band. He plays keyboard, rhythm guitar and has written over one hundred songs. His CD's include: "Ramblin On" and "The Hourglass." The band opened for Jerry Lee Lewis at the 2007 New Jersey State Fair.

Taylor offers two seminars: "Hello in There"-a study in self improvement, and "Action !"-acting for and breaking into film and television.

For more information about the program, contact the Dimmick Memorial Library at (570) 325-2131.