More than 20 Tamaqua area business owners and organization leaders attended the "Communicating Like a Leader" class held Thursday at the Lehigh Carbon Community College, Morgan Center in Tamaqua. The class was provided by the Tamaqua Chamber of Commerce, Lehigh Carbon Community College, and Tamaqua Area Community Partnership. This first of two classes was taught by instructor and consultant Judy Bowen of J. M. Bowen Company. The class stressed points of interest revolving leadership traits as well as understanding the pros and cons of working with, as well as using the use each type. Bowen's class evolved around four main leadership traits. These consisted of dominant, influencing, steadiness, and conscientiousness. All "students" took a personal profile system to find out what was their primary leadership style. A well leveled combination of each is usually the best form of leadership. The class was provided at a big discount or free to Tamaqua Chamber of Commerce members, community charity board members, and others in attendance. The second part of the class will be next Thursday. For more information about different affordable or free leadership type classes offered, call Bowen at 215-859-3308.