Shull-David Elementary School kicked off the month long "Read Across America" program with a visit by the Cat In the Hat, who read the classic Dr. Seuss book "Sam I Am." with his green eggs and ham.

The children were delighted with the cool "Cats" entrance, but it was which followed that visit that had them smiling or making faces, depending on their reaction to eating green eggs and ham.

The green eggs and ham were their morning surprise and for most of the children in Jan Haydt's kindergarten class, they ate the brightly colored eggs and nibbled on the ham.

As part of Shull-David's celebration of Read Across America, the school also will hold a reading contest for the month. As part of the promotion, stripes will be added to the Cat in the Hat's hat every time the classes read a designated number of books and the children will also be creating book-report posters. The posters will be displayed on the following businesses during the week of March 8: Boulevard Drive-In, Lehighton Area Memorial Library, Alfie's Pizza, Mahoning Valley Cinema, McDonald's Restaurant, Mallard Market and A Touch of Philly: Pretzel Shop.

Read Across America Day is typically celebrated in schools on March 2 to honor Theodor Seuss Geisel, the beloved writer and cartoonist who was born on March 2, 1904 in Springfield, Massachusetts.

The students were also treated to a visit by childrens' book author and illustrator Lindsay Barrett George. She wrote a selection of childrens' books including, "In the Woods: Who's Been There."