Around 6:30 a.m.Sunday, during a light drizzle, emergency responders were called to the scene of a five vehicle accident at the 200 block of West Broad Street (SR209) in Tamaqua. When they arrived, they found the driver of a black Chevy Cavalier sitting next to his totaled vehicle. His short path of destruction involved four other vehicles located on West Broad Street. Reportedly, a male driver was traveling east when he struck the back of a gray Saturn Ion parked on the right side of the road which caused the Saturn to be pushed into a white Ford F150 pickup truck that was parked as well. The driver then continued east for a very short distance, passing and avoiding a Mercedes E-350, but rear-ending a blue Mercury Grand Marquis LS which was also pushed into the rear of a black Subaru Baja. In addition to the Tamaqua police and ambulance, volunteers from the South Ward Fire Company and fire police responded. Firefighters helped clean up the strewn debris as well as any leaking fluids. The unknown lone male driver didn't appear injured.