Att. Carole Walbert, legal representation for Mark Stemler, owner of Riverwalck Restaurant, Parryville, presented permit applications to Parryville Zoning Officer Richard Fedor during the regular meeting of Parryville Council.

The restaurant has been involved in zoning issues since last September.

Att. Michael Greek, solicitor for Parryville, said that Fedor will have 30 days to look over the documents to see if they are complete.

Walbert was given 90 days to prepare the documents.

"I have prepared a draft zoning application with site plan layout," said Walbert. "I have all the documents to bring this project together." Walbert said that preparing the application with the engineer within the 90 day period was a lot of work, but she believes that she has all the documents needed to proceed for applications.

In February, Stemler had been told by Att. Greek that he was allowed to protect his property, should a roof blow off, but is not allowed to do any other construction. Since then a deck walkway appears to have been added that surrounds the rear of the building at the second floor level.

Greek said that after Fedor has time to review the documents, a hearing will be scheduled before the Parryville Zoning Hearing Board.

Several zoning issues are in dispute, including the construction of the two outdoor buildings, parking issues, plus the rustic entrance way made from tree trunks that Stemler added that restrict the parking lot opening.

After Fedor reviews the documents, he will determine whether any building permits or zoning permits can be issued, plus he will set a date for the zoning hearing board to hear the variance requests.

Attorney Greg Mousseau is Parryville's solicitor for the zoning hearing board.

Att. Greek had said previously that if the construction does not meet the Uniform Construction Code, Stemler may have to tear it down.

Former council member Phyllis Smith asked council President Michael Grant why the constable was at Riverwalck on Saturday night.

Grant said that he had received two complaints about loud music and contacted the constable to check out the complaint.

Smith said that she was at Riverwalck and could not understand why there was a complaint. She also wanted to know the name of the persons making the complaints.

Grant said, "You know how this works. You were on council. We get a complaint and we have to check it out."

Smith said, "Yes I was on council and you shut me out."

Grant said that she was not shut out and that she left council of her own will.

Council members also discussed a burning ordinance, which is in the review stages.

Att. Greek noted that since Parryville does have some rural areas, that the ordinance needs to provide for those areas.

"You may not need to change the ordinance," he said. "Your ordinance may be fine the way it is."

Grant said council members will be reviewing the old ordinance and comparing it the sample ordinance to see if any changes are warranted.

Grant said that the sample ordinance allows for burning from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. which will give people the opportunity to hold a camp fire in their backyards.

Att. Greek also noted that he is planning to advertise the ordinance to rescind the shared police services agreement with Weissport.