Our Lady of the Angels Academy, Lansford, held commencement exercises for its 2010 eight grade graduating class on June 9 at St. Katharine Drexel Church.

Graduates included Frank Nietz, Madyson Dyer, Devon Horn, Kaili Horn, Michael Cannon, Kyle Stanek, Davis Dressler, and John Swierczek.

Awards were presented for outstanding performance and achievement in major areas of study. They were awarded as follows: Religion, Kaili Horn; Science, John Swierczek; Language Arts, John Swierczek; Mathematics, Kyle Stanek; Social Studies, Frank Nietz; and Literature and Reading, Madyson Dyer.

An award for scholarship for the highest general average was presented to John Swierczek.

An award for scholarship for the second highest general average was presented to Frank Nietz.

There were two President's Education Awards, which were presented to: Madyson Dyer and John Swierczek. These awards are based on outstanding academic performance and achievement as well as a high achievement on a standardized test battery in math or reading.

The Principal's Award, which recognizes the greatest achievement of any academic pursuit in the improvement of one's own self and the development of one's character, went to Kyle Stanek.

The Senator David C. Argall "Good Citizen" Award was presented to Frank Nietz and Kaili Horn.

Recognition for receiving The Bishop's Scholarship representing a $1,000 grant to attend Marian Catholic High School was given to Madyson Dyer and John Swierczek.

Madyson Dyer has receive a tuition-free freshman year scholarship to attend Marian through the Paul J. Nester, Jr. Scholarship.

Mr. and Mrs. Emmett McCall have provided a $500 grant in memory of their son, Connell McCall, to a student who will attend Marian. The recipient of the Connell McCall Memorial Grant was Kyle Stanek.

The Margaret Shober Scholarship, which represents a $250 tuition grant to Marian, went to two students: Kaili Horn and Devon.

The Gulla Scholarship, which represents a $100 tuition grant for a student who will attend Marian, was given to David Dressler.

The children of Jack and Ann Cannon have established an award in their memory. This award is a grant to Marian in the amount of $100 and was given to Michael Cannon.

The Larry and Stephanie McCullion Scholarship which represents a $250 tuition grant went to two students: Kyle Stanek and Kaili Horn.

Awards were given to Peer Helpers. These students have helped to raise school spirit and have been involved in peer tutoring. The following students were recognized for their commitment to the school community: Madyson Dyer, Kaili Horn, Michael Cannon, David Dressler, Devon Horn, Frank Nietz, Kyle Stanek, and John Swierczek.

Recognition was given to the MATHCOUNTS Mathletes team members: Madyson Dyer, Kaili Horn, and Kyle Stanek.