For some reason, seeing someone get a pie in his face is just funny.

When he gets several pies in his face, it's downright hilarious.

Unless you're the one wearing the pies.

But recently, Mr. Todd Van Nortwick, the assistant principal at Pleasant Valley Elementary School, was a good sport about taking whipped cream pie after pie after pie in his face at an autism incentive celebration held on the baseball field at PVE.

"It's for a great cause," he said with whipped cream sliding down his face.

PVE students and staff participated in a fundraising event for an Autism Walk in April and the incentive, besides helping raise money for research for autism, was the opportunity to throw pies in an administrator's face.

It must have been quite an incentive because PVE raised $5,100.

The pie was really just whipped cream on a paper plate. But it still got lots of howls of delight every time one hit Mr. Van Nortwick.

Random names were picked from a list of all the students who contributed to the fundraiser to be the ones to throw the pies.

After several students had at him, he opened it to any teacher or staff member who wanted a shot.

Mrs. Wojtkowski, a kindergarten teacher, threw one with great relish and the students yelled their approval.

"He's a very good sport," Mrs. Wojtkowski chuckled.

When it was over, Mr. Van Nortwick said that he was heading for the shower.

"I smell like sour milk. But the kids enjoyed it. It makes a great end of the year activity and it's a show of our appreciation for their hard work for the year and for raising so much money."