Firefighters quickly responded to a home fire located at 446 Arlington Street in Tamaqua just after 9 p.m. Wednesday. The home, lived in by Dawn Rabenhold and her children, was filled with heavy white smoke when firefighters arrived. Neighbors stated that heavy smoke appeared to come from the top floor. Firefighters quickly extinguished the small fire which appeared to start from a wooden basket that was still on fire when firefighters brought it outside of the house to extinguish it. Neighbors across the street said, "We were really impressed how fast the firefighters arrived and how quickly they put out the fire." Tom Hartz Jr., Tamaqua Assistant Fire Chief and Citizen's Fire Company Chief, stated that firefighters managed to limit the fire to a very small area in the home. The fire is still under investigation. Responding to the fire were Tamaqua police and volunteers from the American Hose, Citizen's, East End, and South Ward fire companies and the Tamaqua Rescue Squad, and borough fire police.