Weissport's Redneck Festival is proving to be a benefit to the tiny town of Weissport.

Organizer Duane Dellecker asked Weissport Borough Council's permission on Monday night to build a 16 by 32-foot gazebo in the town's park, which will be used during the festival as a stage for entertainment and during other times of the year by the community.

Dellecker said the gazebo will be a simple design at first with embellishments to be added at a later date to enhance the Victorian look of the structure.

"We're asking permission to build the gazebo because we have been paying $700 a year to have temporary electric service for the festival," said Dellecker. "With the gazebo, we can install permanent electric that will provide enough power for the 40 or so vendors in the park and will eliminate that yearly fee."

Dellecker said that regulations for electric changed somewhat in the past year so that electric panels must be upgraded this year anyway so it seemed to be the perfect time to have the gazebo built.

"With your approval, the gazebo should be built within the next six to eight weeks.

The Weissport Redneck Festival takes place Sept. 4 and 5, or the weekend of Labor Day.

Dellecker said that the gazebo will be raised 16 inches to provide enough height to be used as a stage.

Funds for the gazebo will be provided by the Weissport Recreation Committee. Dellecker added that several local businesses have promised to provide materials at cost, including Ziegenfuss Coal will provide the stone at cost and Skappits Cement will sell the cement at cost.

The Weissport Recreation Commission was formerly know as Concerned Citizens of Weissport. The name change became necessary when the group formally applied for nonprofit status. WRC provides recreational activities for the children and grandchildren of Weissport residents. They provide an egg hunt, Halloween activities and Christmas party for children. Their biggest endeavor was to build a playground, which is nearly completed.

Sue Pywar, council member, provided four samples of a sign that will be placed at the playground upon completion. Pywar offered the samples and after a vote, one of the designs was selected.

Dick Gross, a local sign painter, will provide the sign for $200, which is the cost of the materials.

Pywar said that the playground is not open yet due to a problem with the rubberized mulch material. She said the material provider is sampling the material and will correct the problem on Friday.