Last December teams of teachers in 11 school districts were among many schools across the state that competed for monetary awards from Verizon Foundation.

Panther Valley High School was awarded $15,000 to develop math lessons that were aligned to the new PA Standards Aligned System. Additionally, the team of Candice Gimbor, Mary Hoffman, Emily Wank, and Elizabeth Walsh received training on Pennsylvania's new Standards Aligned System.

These plans will become material resources within that system and utilize tools found within the sponsoring partners on the Thinkfinity site.

PVHS has been involved in two separate initiatives that are aimed at creating 21st Century Classrooms. A Demonstration Day was held. Twelve teachers were involved in this program; Terrence Bonner, Jr, Frank Damian, Candice Gimbor, Jennifer Jones, Kerry Jones, Frank Karnish, Christopher Kasian, Michele Martin, Rick Morgans, Rich Pondish, Emily Wank, and Elizabeth Walsh.

Janet Fisher, Technology/Professional Development Director, coordinated the teacher instruction for this grant which covered implementation of the 21st Century concepts utilizing Web 2.0 programs and other technologies.

Both of these programs help train students with skills and knowledge that will be essential for success in both higher levels of education and the workplace.