Residents living in the ABC Tamaqua Hi-Rise Inc, formerly called the Tamaqua Hi-Rise Apartments, a non-profit organization, have to make do without air conditioning for another month.

The main reason for the problem is the $135,000 single-pipe air conditioner, that was installed only nine years ago, isn't working and a new special-order chiller barrel won't ship until July 16.

Since new windows installed in the high rise building don't allow for window-mounted air conditioners, some residents have opted to put indoor-air conditioners and fans in their apartments. One official stated that repairing the unit wouldn't be cost effective and would probably cost as much as a new unit.

Various proposals for a short-term temporary repair have been mentioned but not yet approved. Both the ABC Tamaqua Hi-Rise Inc. and company contracted to do repairs and replace parts are working to remedy this quickly.

Some senior residents are being helped via the Schuylkill County Office of Senior Services in Pottsville.