Pictured are PennDOT surveyors Jan Gibboney Jr, staring through the theodolite, and Tahir Dawood from Dawood Engineering in Harrisburg surveying the intersection of Elm Street and Pine Street for new handicap ramps. Dawood is almost done surveying all the intersections in Tamaqua allotted for construction of new handicap curb sidewalk ramps. Although some of the handicapped sidewalk ramps surveyed in Tamaqua are only a few years old, recent updates to PennDOT's handicapped design ramp standards require all their ramps to follow these new standards. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, PennDOT installed about 100,000 curb ramps between 1992 and 1995 for use by individuals with disabilities. Since that time design standards for curb ramps have changed and most ramps must be rebuilt to conform to the latest standards and requirements. By itself the Tamaqua Five Points intersection, State Routes 209 and 309, is being surveyed for 11 new handicapped ramps. Construction of the new ramps is estimated to start soon.