Members of the Eldred Township Historical Society shared some of their favorite patriotic and vacation memorabilia with each other at their last meeting.

Constance Andrews amazed everyone with a small painting she purchased years ago. She watched a demonstration by an artist who used only a warming tray, an iron used for pressing clothing and crayons. She said the artist melted the crayons and then spread the melted wax with the iron as her brush, on paper. No one could believe the lovely painting with intricate details was done with an iron.

Jaylene Keiser has been collecting spoons for years. Every time she, or her family members and friends, visit a place, she gets a spoon as a souvenir. She says she probably has over a 100.

Joyce Gower displayed a lovely souvenir plate from Bushkill Falls and Janet Gower showed off her oldest souvenir, a plate depicting Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper and the Clinch Mt. Clan, stars of Columbia Records. It was trimmed in 22 kt. gold. Janet also shared with everyone a beautiful shirt, a mola, with colorful designs, intricately sewn pictures made from layers of cloth in a reverse appliqué technique, that are made by the Kuna Indian women of the San Blas Islands she purchased when she and Merlin took a cruise through the Panama Canal. She also brought along a scrapbook filled with pictures from that vacation.

Shirley Crum shared some of the different and unique finds from some of her vacations like a woodpecker toy purchased in Boston, bars of soap from Bar Harbor, Maine and also a mini aquarium and a statue of a puffin. From Florida she has a baseball cap with bright beautiful butterflies from a butterfly farm she visited.

Loretta Hawk brought along a ration book from 1943 with her name on it. She says she doesn't remember much about that time because she was very young but says the stamps were redeemed for sugar, shoes, meat, butter and gasoline.

She also shared a commemorative pictorial booklet of the Apollo 11 moon landing with pictures of the moon and the three astronauts who were on that flight, Michael Collins and Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, the two men that walked on the moon.

She had a souvenir plate of New York City, a shot glass from Plymouth, Massachusetts, a glass from a set of commemorative 1776-1976, for our country's bicentennial and several newspaper clippings of the tragic 9/11 disaster.

Brenda Dorshimer said she made a quick trip into her attic and revealed several items she has saved over the years like many flag pennants from various places she visited over the years. She shared with the group a leather pencil pouch and tepee from Niagara Falls, salt and pepper shaker from the Hudson River Day line, a Lincoln statue from Gettysburg, a corn cob pipe and a lady's cotton handkerchief from Roadside America.

Also among her treasures were a little purse that looks like birch bark with an Indian profile, souvenir picture cards of Hickory Run, souvenir lady's hankies from Italy, France and Spain brought back by her uncle who was in the Navy. Her pride and joy is a scarf with her favorite TV stars, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, who she said she saw in Madison Square Gardens.

The evening was a successful nostalgic look into the past.