Students at Franklin Elementary School recently were recognized during the end of year assembly. Selected as the Franklin Lions Club Students of the Year were Jennifer Dobrowski and Avery Deem.

Recipients of the Senator Argall's Good Citizenship Award were Thera Hibbler and Jack Zimmerman.

Presented the President's Award for Educational Excellence were Avery Deem, Alexander Karpowicz, Gregory Venuto, Jennifer Dobrowski, Brenna Drazek, Breanna Hoffner, Rachel Serfass and Libby Smith; Mrs. Hedash's class, Nathan Kemmerer, Troy Williams, Lily Fasching, Kiara Smith, Tionne Smith and Amanda Steigerwalt, Justin Ahner, Shae Blasiak, Caine Carpenter, Devon Harrison, Patrick Lawler, Alyssa Ashton, Thera Hibbler and Jordan Lichtenwalner.

Recipients of the President's Award for Educational Achievement were, Jacob Schlener, Kyle Strohl, Molly Mertz, Joshua Stoffey, Jack Zimmerman, Vanessa Ahner, Kaitlyn Hunsicker, Tate Koch, Erin McGinley, Stephanie Reph, Kristina Trilli, Brett Biebe, Christian Zechman, Giovanni Caprio, Madison Andrews, Aubrey Blasiak, Anna DiCioccio and Lisa Gabory.

Students who attained perfect attendance were, kindergarten, Madison Brown; first grade, Haley Fritz, Zachary Christman and Garett Gasker; Nicholas Karpowicz, Jon Ahner and Jakob Kuehner; second grade, Dylan Coffin, Evan Deem, third grade, Isabella Baka; and fourth grade, Jennifer Dobrowski, Caine Carpenter, Thera Hibbler and Patrick Lawler.

Fourth grade students who attained a "Straight "A Average are, Jennifer Dobrowski, Alexander Karpowicz and Rachel Serfass, Lily Fasching, Shae Blasiak, Caine Carpenter, Thera Hibbler and Patrick Lawler.

Shae Blasiak was named the Artists of the Year.

Taking part in third grade envirothon competitions at the Carbon County Environmental Center were the Brain-iacs, Isabella Baka, captain; Lillian Brown, Simon Costello, Alexandra Hydro and Scott Kutma. Receiving honorable mention were the Cobras, with Olivia Frendt, captain; Mason Barndt, Hunter Highland, Ally McGinley and MacKenzie Sabatino. Also competing were the Science Extraordinaires, with Isabella Meckes, captain; Evan Beers, Jessica Hess, Ryan Nametko, Brian Petricone. Mr. Snyder was the adviser.

Members of the Franklin Yearbook Committee were: Mrs. Derhammer, chairwoman, Melanie Quigley and Suellen Cook, assistants. Grade four members are Gregory Venuto, Nicholas Ahner, Molly Mertz, Jacob Schlener and Brenna Drazek,, Lily Fasching, Tionne Smith, Stephanie Reph, Vanessa Ahner, Jack Zimmerman, Giovanni Caprio, Patrick Lawler, Caine Carpenter, Thera Hibbler, Madison Andrews, Dylan Bell, Mitchell Quigley and Christian Zechman.

The staff of The Gazzette were, Jennifer Dobroski, Alexander Karpowicz, Rachel Serfass, Lisa Gabory, Katie Hunsicker, Kiara Smith, Jordan Lichtenwalner, Nathan Kemmerer and Justin Ahner.

Honored for their Spelling Bee participation were Justin Ahner, Caine Carpenter, Patrick Lawler, Brenna Drazek and Breanna Hoffner.

Students who were part of the Spanish Enrichment classes were, second grade, Dylan Coffin, Ryan Drazek, Mackenzie Bonser, Nicholas Karpowicz, Nathaniel Kramer, Aaron Bauer and Spencer Pyne; and third grade, Olivia Frendt, Ally McGinley, Mason Barndt, Evan Beers, Shain Hrusovsky, Jessica Hess, Shane Williams and Isabella Baka.

Students who participated in French and Spanish Enrichment classes were Avery Deem, Alexander Karpowicz, Jennifer Dobrowski, Brenna Drazek, Breanna Hoffner, Rachel Serfass, Nathan Kemmerer, Lily Fasching, Shae Blasiak, Aubrey Blasiak, Thera Hibbler and Gregory Venuto.