Noting his heavy load of work and responsibilities, Jim Thorpe Borough Council President Justin Yaich announced his resignation from the post at the end of the council's regularly scheduled meeting Thursday. This does not mean that Yaich is leaving the board entirely, in fact he will become its new vice-president.

Yaich made the move because vice-president does not carry nearly as many obligations as president. He is also currently campaigning for a seat in the state House of Representatives, a position that is now held by Keith McCall, who is not seeking re-election.

Council Vice-President John McGuire also announced his resignation, in order to assume the role of council president. Both resignations and reassignments were unanimously passed by the council.

McGuire is also the head of the borough's police commission. He will retain that role as president.

After the meeting, he explained that the president has the power to both assign commission posts and be on them.

"No committee's will change," he said.