The West Penn Township Zoning Hearing Board met on Monday evening, June 28 to continue the discussion about the Dekorte property in Andreas, West Penn Township. The agenda of the meeting was to hear and decide Maurice Dekorte's request to store and maintain equipment at 1544 Penn Drive in Andreas.

For nearly two hours, the zoning board listened and responded to information regarding the Dekorte property. The property has been owned by Maurice and Barbara Dekorte for approximately 10 years.

Christopher A. Verta, President, Elm Street Associates, LLC, submitted Site Plan Recommendations to the board, but the summary was inconclusive. Verta was involved with another project that prevented him from delivering a more complete report.

One issue that was not clearly defined was that which dealt with sound, and how noise, such as back up alarms on vehicles, would affect the surrounding areas.

Since no resolution was made at the end of the meeting, the board has requested that within 20 days a findings of fact and conclusion of law be presented, with 45 days to render a decision.