The cast was full of all the brightest stars as they stepped up to the plate.

In the end, seventh grade students from Northern Lehigh Middle School hit a walk-off home run.

The students were recognized as part of the Northern Lehigh All Star program held Monday in the middle school cafeteria.

Instructor Michelle Raber called each student who attended up front, where she presented them with a framed certificate and bracelet for their achievements.

Raber told parents the program teaches students to make good decisions, and to make a pledge to stick to their beliefs.

"This is very special," Raber said. "The students made a pledge to themselves and to you that they're going to make good choices the rest of their lives."

Karen Nicholas, assistant to the superintendent, and Jill Chamberlain, principal, were on hand to give out the awards. School Board Director Gary Fedorcha was also in attendance.

As part of the event, students read the letters they wrote in which they commit to living a life free of drugs, alcohol, and other things that could prevent them from having a great future.

Seventh-grader Julie Knerr received a loud ovation as her name was called.

"I think it's good that we all get recognition for what we did," Knerr said. "It's to remind us of our pledges, and to follow through with them."

Julie's parents, Paul and Debbie Knerr, said they couldn't be more proud of their daughter.

"She's excelling in her school work," Paul Knerr said. "We couldn't ask for better grades, and she's respected among her peers."

Seventh-grader Erin Fleischmann said she plans to follow her pledge wholeheartedly.

"It feels good to pledge to this," Fleischmann said. "I'd like to thank Mrs. Raber."

Erin's mother, Maureen Fleischmann, said it's nice to see her daughter reap the fruits of her labor.

"There were lots of projects she brought home that included lots of discussion and dialogue," Maureen Fleischmann said. "It gives them a broader view of things within the community and the school."

Chamberlain said the program teaches the students how important it is not only to make good decisions, but to stick to them as well.