Some new, rectangular lights have been installed on poles along the 100 block of South Second Street in Lehighton, between Iron Street and the municipal building.

Lehighton Borough manager John C. Wagner said they are LED (light-emitted diode) lights which have been installed "on a trial basis."

They are in the same fixtures which previously had high-pressure sodium lights. High-pressure sodium lights still exist in most of the town.

Wagner said of the LED lights that four were donated to the borough and two were purchased.

"If they work out, we hope to convert the whole town to LED or induction lights," he said.

According to Wagner, the new lights have a magnetic process and are white rather than yellow. The sodium lights are yellow.

He noted that there is an 80 percent reduction in electricity with the new lights over the high-pressure sodium. In addition, the LEDs are supposed to cover four to five times the surface that a sodium light covers.