One of the topics discussed by township manager John Finnerty during his monthly report to the Kidder Township supervisors Thursday was the issue of standardized addresses for the township.

The process, which has been methodically moving forward over the past several months, seems to be finally close to completion.

The next step is to go over aerial photos and identify structures that the county was unable to name as residences. Finnerty, along with several other township employees, will attempt to identify all residential structures to ensure the addressing moves forward as quickly as possible.

Several fire companies within Kidder Township have also volunteered their services to help in whatever way necessary.

The project should wrap up sometime in the middle to late summer months. The township has already named the majority of the streets and roads within the township.

The other part left to do with the streets is erecting all the signage for the appropriate areas. The state parks would also need to make their road names known to the township so that proper signage could be placed at all intersections.

The standardized addresses for Kidder Township would be an important step forward in making the county safer for all residents. Having an organized system of streets and addresses will allow emergency workers to reach people who are in need of help much faster and effectively. Kidder Township residents have been patiently waiting for the readdressing issue to be addressed.