Carbon County District Attorney Gary Dobias presented Panther Valley High School students with several things to think about during his presentation on the consequences of sexting Thursday morning, and some seniors were asked what their thoughts were on his presentation.

Senior Carly Markovich said she liked the presentation a lot.

"I think when he said there were social and legal and moral consequences that hit the mark with many students." She said the most shocking thing she learned was that 15 percent of students surveyed have sent explicit photographs to total strangers.

Emily Kehl hoped the presentation opened the eyes of the students especially the younger ones.

"I hope they realize it's not a joke and you could get into a lot of trouble."

Jason Harrison agreed and added that he hoped it opened peoples' eyes as to how serious of a crime it is.

Tricia Janiowiak said she hoped kids would realize they can't send these types of photos anymore because they are a crime.

"Years ago people would not have done this," she added.

All four said they were aware of incidents in the school involving sexting. Markovich said she thinks that part of the problem is that parents like to assume their kids wouldn't do such a thing and because of that they don't talk to their kids about it.

When asked they all said that they had social networking accounts and as do most students. They estimated at least 70 percent of the high school students are online as well as teachers, but added that there was a separation in that it is not considered "appropriate" to have teachers fraternizing with students online.

They added that the presentation they thought was appropriate and Markovich said she was glad it was given to the student body. Kehl added that she hoped "it just gets through (to the students)."