The new president of the Jim Thorpe Borough Council presented the committee assignments to the 2010 council membership during a workshop last Tuesday at the borough's new municipal building. President Justin Yaich said that he was willing to shift members from one committee to another if someone felt they could better serve in another position, but no arguments with the assignments nor requests for reassignment were made.

Yaich said he expects much of the work the council will do in the coming year will be handled by these committees with their recommendations carrying significant weight with the council as a whole during its normal monthly meetings. He requested that each committee meet at least once each month and that a short written report of the committee's actions be submitted to the borough secretary for dissemination to the rest of the council.

The following committees were approved during the workshop for 2010:

Administration: Justin Yaich, chair; John McGuire; Joe Marzen.

Water: Greg Strubinger, chair; Joanne Klitsch, Kyle Sheckler.

Sewer and Sanitation: Joanne Klitsch, chair; Greg Strubinger; Justin Yaich.

Buildings and Parks: Todd Mason, chair; John McGuire; Kyle Sheckler.

Public Service: Kyle Sheckler, chair; Todd Mason, Greg Strubinger.

Police: John McGuire, chair; Joe Marzen; Justin Yaich.

Emergency Services: Joe Marzen, chair; Joanne Klitsch; Todd Mason.