Weissport Municipal Authority's main focus to pay its bills is being hampered by residents who are delinquent in paying their monthly assessment to the authority.

"This is the highest amount we're ever been owed," said attorney Greg Mousseau, board solicitor. "The amount at $24,000 is hard to believe."

Mousseau and board members reviewed overdue accounts during their recent monthly meeting. Mousseau noted that within a few days, six people will have their water shut off for non-payment and five more families will be notified that their account is in serious danger of having water shut off.

Chairman Timothy Rehrig noted that having water shut off is a serious matter because there are added fees to the bill.

Residents do have the option of a payment plan to bring their accounts up to date.

Members of the authority approved paying $12,273 to Bellview Pump for pump repairs and maintenance, which added to the board's concerns.

The board also voted to pay $1,920 to ControlEx for maintenance on the pump at the pumping station.

The board also plans a constable sale at one residence to recoup overdue monies.