Schuylkill Township Supervisor Linda DeCindio, who first joined the board six years ago, assumed the chairmanship by unanimous vote at the municipality's reorganization meeting held Monday at the township municipal building, Mary D.

DeCindio, a longtime Tuscarora resident, is a strong supporter of youth activities and is an advocate for the health and welfare of township residents. At the meeting, she also was named roadmaster and voting member of the Eastern Schuylkill Recreation Commission (ESRC).

Maureen Vanek, temporary chair, was elected vice chairperson. Vanek also will assume duties of police liaison and voting delegate to the Council of Governments and Eastern Schuylkill Planning. In addition, Vanek will serve as voting representative to the PSATS Convention to take place in Hershey, and will serve on the tax collection committee.

Appointed as supervisor was longtime chairman Joe Boran. Mary E. Bubel will serve as secretary/treasurer and Dan DeCindio will continue to serve in the capacity of code enforcement officer and alternate delegate to the ESRC. The code enforcement position will be paid at a rate of $150 per month plus mileage. Frank DiMarco was named part-time police officer at a reimbursement of $14 per hour. The treasurer's bond was maintained at $250,000.

The board approved the auditor's reimbursement rate of $10 per hour and $14 per hour for maintenance and plowing done by Joseph Pedron. Thomas Slane was appointed the township emergency management coordinator and Attorney Michael Greek was named solicitor. The solicitor's rate was set at $80 per hour.

The board voted to retain William Brior as sewer enforcement officer and Schultze and Speicher as auditor. Berkheimer Associates was named tax collector for all local enabling tax act provisions and delinquent taxes. In addition, the board approved a 1% per year bonus to Mary Bubel for sanitation fee collection.

Bill McMullen was named state code enforcement officer.

Charles Hosler was named delegate to the Schuylkill Township Sewer Authority, with Mary Bubel retained as township representative. Francis Roman was appointed to the vacancy board.

The position of engineer was left open in order to accommodate an 'as-needed' arrangement.

The tax collector commission was set at 4.5%. Township employees will be given the following holidays: New Year's Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Monday after Thanksgiving, Presidents Day and Friday after Christmas Day.

At a regular meeting held following the reorganization, the board approved a mileage reimbursement rate of 50 cents, same as the IRS. It was noted that the International truck will be going in for installation of another hose. The truck already required some $7,593.26 in repairs.

Code Enforcement Officer DeCindio reported that he had checked on ownership of an abandoned, unlicensed vehicle, and responded to several inquiries regarding permits, dumping and property rights.