It must be nice to be in the company of royalty.

That's exactly where clients at the Blue Mountain Health Systems Adult Day Services found themselves on Monday, if only for a short while.

A new King and Queen of Hearts were chosen as part of the sixth annual Valentine's Day party at the Community Service Center in Palmerton.

Dubbed this year's version of his and her majesty, respectively, were Lee Bollinger, of Palmerton, and Naomi Costenbader, of Palmerton.

Costenbader was clearly excited over her selection.

"I am very happy to be chosen and very, very surprised," said Costenbader, 92. "The day care here is wonderful."

Bollinger said he's certain to be the subject of a good rib or two.

"When my class reunion comes around, I'll never live it down," said Bollinger, 75.

The activity is always a big hit with the clients, according to Roxanne Downs, director of Adult Day Services.

"They're thrilled; we tell them in advance," Downs said. "We also have them invite their families if they like."

Downs said the clients also did their exercises, played hot potato, and were treated to entertainment by an Elvis impersonator.

Cake and ice cream were also served, and clients spent the rest of their day doing puzzles, she said.

The Adult Day Service Center of the Blue Mountain Health System provides state-licensed respite care for older adults.

In addition to free time and ample rest periods, clients participate in a wide variety of activities based on the client's particular abilities, including daily exercise, crafts, games, puzzles, pet therapy, cooking and baking, gardening, dancing, bingo, needlepoint and sewing, music and sing-a-longs, "theme weeks" and field trips.

Daily nursing supervision allows for the monitoring of clients' medical conditions.