TV host Martha Stewart has a fondness for chow chow dogs, having owned several of them.

On her show Tuesday, she will have Maddox, which is co-owned by Karen Tracy of Franklin Township, as one of her guests.

Maddox is a great-grandson to Paw Paw, one of the first chow dogs Stewart owned. She had purchased Paw Paw from Tracy, who is also the owner and breeder of Maddox.

The show will be the first time Stewart will have seen Maddox.

On Monday, Maddox will be appearing in the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Garden.

Stewart has purchased several chow chows from Tracy since buying Paw Paw over 15 years ago. Paw Paw has since passed away, dying a natural death several years ago.

Two dogs co-owned by Stewart and Tracy were being housed at Tracy's Pazzazz Kennel in Franklin Township last March when a terrible explosion killed 17 of the 30 dogs being housed there. Both of them died. They were Genghis Khan, who was 4 months old, and Ta Tu, a six-year-old chow.

On Jan. 15, Tracy took a 3-month old puppy to Stewart's studio for a photo shoot. It was a son of Maddox.

"Martha fell in love with him and kept him," said Tracy. She named him Genghis Khan, after the fire victim.

It's not known if Genghis Khan will be on the TV show.

With Maddox will be Jan Kolnik of Towamensing Township, who is the dog's handler during shows.

It's not the first time dogs owned by Tracy have been on Stewart's TV show. Journey, which had competed at Westminster, was on Stewart's last TV special.

Tracy has visited Stewart at her home on several occasions.

She recalls a humorous incident during one of the first visits to Stewart's home over 10 years ago, which at the time was in Connecticut. Tracy took a chow chow named Priscilla with her for the purpose of breeding it with Paw Paw.

Without warning, Priscilla jumped into Stewart's backyard pool.

Stewart wasn't upset about that. In fact, she laughed about it.

"She really likes dogs and I'm looking forward to her meeting Maddox," Tracy said.