When fourth grade Panther Valley student Zoe Arnold was watching television she learned about the disaster in Haiti and all thevictims who are suffering because of the earthquake.

Zoe decided to write a letter to her principal, William Lombardo asking ifthe students in the Panther Valley Elementary Schoolcould havea dress down day to raise money for the cause. Lombardo gave permission and the idea caught on in the Middle and High School as well. All together the three schools raised $1,774,30 that was presented to the American Red Cross for those suffering are in Haiti. Alone the students in the elementary building raised $995.

Each student who wanted to dress down had to pay $1 to the cause. This was optional for the students. Teachers also took part in the relief fund.

Zoe is a student in Julia Whitehead's fourth grade classroom and both teacher and student were excited that this event came about. Sharon Kendig, Carbon County Branch Manager of the American Red Cross said, "Thank you for the efforts to help the people in Haiti and our gratitude goes out to your compassionate fourth grader who conceptualized this endeavor which is most admirable, both civic minded and service oriented."

PVES principal Lombardo plans to hold a dress down day for non-perishable food items for his building in the upcoming weeks. He added that, "I am very proud of my students and teachers."