Schuylkill Township supervisors will not tolerate verbal abuse of township workers while they are doing their jobs.

Supervisor Linda DeCindio indicated that there had been at least one charge of a resident "cursing" at township workers while they were plowing snow and further incidents will result in citations.

"These guys do an excellent job plowing. They're out plowing New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, so you all can get to your parties," she said. "They're all nice guys, they're all well-mannered young men. They don't need people coming out and cursing them."

Residents were also reminded that the township enacted a no parking ordinance during snow emergencies and along plowing routes. The police department will be enforcing this ordinance.

Several residents also raised concerns about the enforcement of traffic signs in Brockton, in particular the stop sign at Emerich Street. The matter was referred to the police department.

The supervisors advised residents that the Schuylkill Tax Collection Committee has met, but is currently at a standstill until it can determine how the members of the body will vote. The STCC is a requirement of Act 32 and is required to appoint a tax collector on a countywide basis

Supervisors also voted to transfer $4,000 from the state variable CD for PPL lights. They approved a $50 donation to the Ruth Steinert SPCA. The supervisors also announced that Alfred Benesch is advertising for the Mary D Fire Company project, which will include fixing the front of the garage where cement is caving in. The bids will be in by the March meeting.

Magistrate David Plachko also swore in several elected officials prior to the meeting, including Supervisor Maureen Vanek; Joe Yesavage, constable; and Agnes Kane and Elizabeth Matalavage, auditors.