Parryville parking violators beware.

Members of Parryville Council are seeking ideas to eliminate parking problems.

"We know that some of the parking behind Main Street is overflow parking from the restaurant," said mayor Dean Emery. "You could post that the lot is for parking for borough residents only and issue permits," said Att. Michael Greek, borough solicitor. "Technically you could charge a fee."

Council President Michael Grant came up with another thought. "How about if we get some of those large florescent stickers and put them on the windshields of violations?"

Att. Greek said that the stickers could target people who were not violators, but people who are unknowing.

"You are right," said Att. Greek. "Restaurant employees should not be parking there." Greek added that ticketing the people is an option. "You can set up all the court issuing on one day if there is a problem with scheduling someone to appear."

Council then discussed offering Main Street visitors window hangers so that if someone comes to visit, they can park there if they use one of the resident's hangers.

"The placards would be similar to those used by handicapped," said Grant. "I like the idea of the large red stickers because they would say you've been caught - don't park here."

Greek said the large stickers would bring in more liabilities

"We're talking about the blatant violators," said Greek. "We're talking about the people who are walking from the restaurant."

"I think the stickers would help control it," said Grant. "It would keep it at a minimum it took them 20 minutes to peel off a sticker. Then they will know not to park where they shouldn't."

Council recently placed fencing at the playground off Water Street and blacktopped a section near the fence for overflow parking to help over crowding on Main Street.