All eyes pointed skyward outside of St. Peter the Fisherman Catholic Church in Lake Harmony just after 11 o'clock Mass on Sunday morning, as dozens of balloons soared Heavenward, high up into a clear blue, but frigid, sky, and drifted out over the frozen snow-covered landscape of the Poconos.

With the signal from Monsignor John Chizmar, the children of the church released their balloons in celebration of Catholic Schools Week, which began Sunday and runs through Friday, Feb. 5.

The children who participated in the balloon release included both students of Catholic schools and CCD students who attend public schools and attend CCD classes for religious training.

Monsignor Chizmar, in addressing the congregation, noted that Catholic schools emphasize both the secular and spiritual aspects of the children's education.

Some of the students participated in the Liturgy with readings, petitions, and also gave special thanks to members of the congregation for their support of Catholic schools.

After the balloon release, the children were treated to chocolate cupcakes.