Olivia Sipler is the winner of the National Geography Bee competition held at Weatherly Middle School on Dec. 15.

This year's competition was the closest race in recent years. As the end of the competition, four students remained in the race to become Weatherly's champion.

After an intense round of questions, Olivia won first place and Summer Peck took second place. Morgan Mengel and Seth Harkins tied for third place. The top 10 finalists were Lee Nyer, Derek Coombs, Luke Reiner, Jessica Polchin, Samantha Hartz and Tyler Johnson and the place winners. Tyler Johnson correctly answered every question in the preliminary round. He is only the second student at Weatherly to accomplish this.

Forty-eight seventh and eighth graders completed in this year's bee.

After the preliminary seven rounds of questions, the top 10 students compete in a final round.

The top two students compete in a championship round for first and second place. Olivia will now advance to state competition if she scores high enough on a written examination, taken after the school competition ended.

Judges and scorekeepers for this event are members of the Weatherly Area Academic team: Joey Connors, Matthew Caccese (former Bee Winner at Weatherly), Andrew Vack and Christopher Hunt.