Dear Editor:

I feel like I am living in a zombie movie. There have been an incredible number of recent threats to our lives and liberty yet people are still wondering around unaffected by it all acting as if none of it matters. It leaves me with a very disconcerting feeling.

Take for instance the porno scanners and groping methods used by TSA in our airports. Why people are accepting this is beyond belief. I know I now refuse to fly and have expressed my outrage directly to TSA. But people would rather say please government take care of me than use any kind of common sense and realize that just because someone is wearing a government badge doesn't give them the right to violate your rights and look at nude pictures of you and fondle you in public. Yet, it is to keep us safe, give me a break. The amount of radiation the scanners produce alone will kill you before any terrorist does. And how many 5 year old white kids have carried a bomb onto a plane in the past fifty years? Are you kidding me? The most disgusting part of it all is that most parents stand by while "government officials" stick their hands down their child's pants in the name of keeping us all safe. But be good sheep because your government tells you to do so. This brings me to my next point.

Actor Mark Ruffalo from the movie Zodiac was recently put on the PA Department of Homeland Security's terror watch list because he organized a screening of the movie "Gasland." Over 100 communities have reported adverse effects from fracking yet our state government is saying "Shut up and let us poison you or else!!"

And finally, the Senate and now the House just passed the Food Modernization Safety Act which is the Patriot Act for our food supply. HINT: This is very dangerous!!! It is YOUR job to find out what is going on because we are all being led to the slaughter. But that's right, it can't happen to you, you are too special. Well, think again. We now have the government we deserve and unless there is a mass awakening this onslaught of abuse will continue. It is all of our jobs to stand up for ourselves and reverse the direction of our country. And if you are a government agent, officer, or official taking part in this charade the old Nuremberg trial answer of "I was just following orders" or worse yet "I really need the job" doesn't cut it.

Gene Duffy

Jim Thorpe