The Tamaqua Area Community Partnership has replaced the worn "Welcome to Tamaqua" signs at the entrances to the borough.

Patricia Freeh Stefanek, chairperson of the partnership, announced that four new signs have been purchased and placed at the four corners of Tamaqua, on the north and south ends along SR309, and on the east and west ends on SR209.

The original signs were installed at those locations by the Tamaqua Beautification Association in the late 1980s, but were in need of replacement after years of exposure to the elements.

"The signs had deteriorated over the years," said Linda Yulanavage, executive director of the Tamaqua Area Chamber of Commerce, which oversees Tamaqua's Downtown program. "One of the signs, on 209 near Hope's, was damaged in a car accident and moved."

The partnership decided to provide the funding for the new signs, which were made by the State Correctional Institution at State College. In addition to "Welcome to Tamaqua," the signs include the 1799 date of the borough's founding.

"This time, we got all four of the signs for what it cost us to buy one of them previously," said Stefanek.

The new signs are made of treated lumber and are in the same style of the ones they are replacing.

"We were one of the first in the area to use that style of sign. Now a lot of towns have them," noted Stefanek.

"We got our money's worth out of the old signs," said Yulanavage. "With the new signs made out of treated wood, we shouldn't have as much of an issue with deterioration."

The new signs are in place and once again welcome visitors to Tamaqua.

"They are a great asset to the community," said Stefanek.