The Tamaqua Department responded to a carbon monoxide call from Herbert Curvey, of 118 Clay St. in Tamaqua, Tuesday morning as his CO detector was emitting an alarm. Firefighters arrived and used special equipment to trace for the source of the CO to be coming from their adjacent neighbor's home located at 116 Clay St. The neighbors weren't home at the time, so firefighters gained entry in the home and found the source to be a malfunctioning coal burner. Fans were placed at entry and exit points to expel the CO and the furnace was turned off and homeowner's notified of repairs needed before furnace can be turned back on. There were no injuries reported. Curvey, who is also a volunteer with the Tamaqua Fire Police, pointed how glad he was he had a working CO/CO2 detector. "That $20 device probably saved our lives."