The Palmerton Area High School Drama Club recently presented a performance entitled "A Night of One Act Plays," in the high school auditorium.

The first act was a comical performance with Lydia Anthony as Harry and Monica Handwerk as Angela and was entitled "In the Tank," by Frisino Toohey. The two girls portrayed lobsters living in a tank at a seafood restaurant.

Even though it was amusing, the girls left the audience thinking about some very serious matters about the value of life and the importance of making every moment count.

"A Long Walk to Forever" by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. (adapted by Bryan Harnetiaux) was acted out by Dustin Fierro as Newt and Erika Hudock as Christine. Newt is in the military serving his county and receives a wedding invitation from his childhood girl friend. Newt goes AWOL to see Catherine one more time before she gets married. Upon meeting they find that both of them may have more feeling for each other than just friendship.

During the intermission the drama club continued to entertain the crowd. A selected group of students sang songs accompanied by Brent Harris, drama coach, on the acoustic guitar.

The third one-act play was entitled "Tracks" by Peter Tarsi. This was the longest play and featured the most characters. A group of 10 ordinary people from different walks of life find themselves gathered in a subway station waiting for the train. Each person wondering how they got to that designation and if they can get on a subway not knowing where it may be heading.

The cast members were Erin Williamson as a homeless girl, Ben Winn as the old man, Allyson Arndt a lawyer, Blake Campbell as a professor, Britney DeFrain a Catholic nun, Brent Harris and Elizabeth Hahn as a business man and woman, Emil Rasim and Austin Rabenold as a high school girl and boy, and Alex Mammarello as a waitress.

"We would like to thank the administration for letting us go out on a limb and let us do 'The Night of One Act Shows,'" said Harris. "Also a big thank you to all the parents of the members, this production would not be possible without you."

He also thanked all the people who attended the production and to all who helped in any way.

The drama club has approximately 35 members.

"I like being on stage every since I was little." said Erika Hudock, a 10-grade student with four years of drama class experience.

"With the shorter plays we need to get the story line across very clear and quick" she added.

"I absolutely adore being in drama class. I like being together with everyone and I like being able to become a different person on stage," said Britney DeFrain.

"Mr. Harris is very knowledgeable and he is always ready to help out with all our acting problems," she added.

The students have been working since late September on this performance.

Practice is already under way for their next presentation, which will be a musical. The date and time will be announced in the spring.