has released the top most popular baby names of 2010 and the winners are Sophia and Aidan. The most popular name lists are compiled each year from the preferences of millions of visitors to the website.

"Aidan is still the clear favorite for boys," says Jennifer Moss, co-founder of, "It has been at the top of the list since 2003."

However on the girls list there is a new #1 name: Sophia, which has beat out Ava, Olivia and Amelia, other classical names that have been sharing the spot for several years. Moss says the girls' names have been following the popular trend of being "very classic and feminine, but not cutesy."

What creates baby naming trends? Anything from celebrity babies to popular literature.

"This is the first year the name Bentley hit the top 100 names for boys, and it's no coincidence it's the name of the baby in MTV's hit series, Teen Mom," says Moss. "But the Twilight names that were so popular in the last couple of years, like Bella and Edward, are now starting to drop in popularity."

The full list of 100 top names of 2010 can be found on the website:

Top girls' names

1. Sophia, 2. Charlotte, 3. Ava, 4. Addison, 5. Olivia, 6. Amelia, 7. Lilly, 8. Isabella, 9. Chloe, 10. Bailey, 11. Harper, 12. Emma, 13. Abigail, 14. Ella, 15. Scarlett, 16. Madeline, 17. Riley, 18. Audrey, 19. Grace, 20. Layla

Top boys' names

1. Aiden, 2. Liam, 3. Noah, 4. Jackson, 5. Ethan, 6. Caden, 7. Mason, 8. Logan, 9. Landon 10. Oliver, 11. Jacob, 12. Grayson, 13. Benjamin, 14. Elijah, 15. Caleb, 16. Owen, 17. Gabriel, 18. James, 19. Gavin, 20. Alexander

Statistics include alternate spellings of the same name